Monday, October 14, 2013


   That four-letter word that brought us each of us into existence.
Genesis 2:7 "Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being."
    The one who loved me enough to create me even after all the sin of my ancestors, reaching back to Adam and Eve, had even greater love than that.
John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."
     Love so great. Think about love for a second. Perhaps not necessarily this great and pure love, but any love. All love. Everyone who has ever loved or been loved, all of it, from the beginning of time until this very second. It shapes our world, for what do we do in life but what we love? Our music says what we love, or what the musician loves, or what someone loves. We laugh because we love to. We cry when our love breaks our hearts. We are angry and sad when are love is violated, or when we cannot have what we love. Our possessions are ours because we love them, or we love the person who gave them to us too much to get rid of it. We do sports because we love them. We go places because we love them. And, when someone dares to interfere with what we love most dearly, watch out, world. 
     We are creatures of love, like God, in whose image we were made. It makes sense for our world to revolve around love, if you think about it that way. So, if love is what our world revolves around, why does it fall apart with so much love in it? Because we do not love the right things. The world is lost, and it run from the one who can love us the most. The world is scared that, if it accepts such pure love, that surely there must be a price for it, and a horrible price at that. That, if it shows its dirty side to this love, the love will not accept it. But love that pure, how can it not? This is the love that sets us on fire and gives us "peace that passes understanding" as strength and hope to want to, as a revival speaker a year or two ago so colorfully put it, "go attack hell itself with a supersoaker."
    Love so pure, love so bold, love so patient, love so kind... love we do not deserve. Love we can never earn nor fully learn for ourselves. Love that comforts and disciplines. 
     Where's God's? You know, don't you dare tell me otherwise, you Christian, you. 
     Most importantly, where's yours

Monday, July 29, 2013

Love: a tribute

She found me at my darkest hour
   Torn by the world around me, I was lost. My tears fell daily and were no more noticed than as an annoyance. All others had either forgotten me or moved on, except for two exceptional girls. One will be given her due credit on another date, but to the other, this is for her. She came from so far away, and such a move could only have been directed by God. I was broken, torn, abused, and lost with only a meager light to guide me, until I met her. I already said that she found me, which really describes it best. I was so far gone and shunned by all with self respect, but she reached out anyway. She saw my pain, my tears, and showed me what I needed most. Love, the pure love of God.
  She gave me smiles when I was down
  She gave me hope when the world was darkest
  She held me when I cried
  She never asked why I hurt, which was better than any well-meaning but misplaced condolences
  She showed me the joy in the outcasts and the beautifully different ones
  She showed me the beauty in being unique
  She showed me the love that brokenness can create
  She showed me the power of the imagination
  She challenged me to think deeper
  She understood my needs
   And she gave me the greatest gift any human can give to another, a view at God. I once heard a man say, "Do I love my wife more than I love Jesus? Honestly, I'm not sure, because so often I see Jesus through my wife." She showed me love so great, love for everyone (even those who tried to hurt her), for everything and anything created by our Lord. I still don't truly understand how such love could ever exist in a human, but it was there. I can say she paid more attention to me, but I don't think she loved me more than any other, her love for all was so great.
   She may be imperfect, forgetful, not always the wisest decision-maker, in pain, and basically just a human, but none of it mattered in the glaringly beautiful light of her love.
  To one of the best friends I have ever had, never stop loving. The world will be a far darker place if you do. I hope that you can bless someone else half as much as you did me, because the world does need you, even if it means one person at a time. Perhaps she does not agree with this description but, God bless you, my friend.
   God bless you, Taylor Neas.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Down the Rabbit Hole

   As my close friends know, I am obsessed with books. They are an escape from life and a fantastic portal to amazing places and people. One book I have only recently read, is Lewis Carroll (I think I spelled that right...) Alice In Wonderland. And yet, I had read modern novels extending the classic story, listened to music inspired by it, and have seen many such similar movies and t.v. series long before I ever touched the book. So why do I find it so, I suppose the best term would be, magnetic, and why have I for so long? The story of a young girl chasing a well-dressed rabbit who just happens to speak English down a gigantic hole into a fantastic world of opposites, nonsense, and fantastics, when summarized, sounds rather plain, but it is exciting nonetheless. Why? I have never seen the movie rendition (deemed to psychedelic for a child by my mother), and have read hundreds of stories of ordinary (and sometimes extraordinary) children passing through fantastical gateways to strange and backward worlds. Why is Wonderland so different?  This is one question that I cannot find an answer to. Perhaps it is its very nature, so different from our own world, that fascinates me. However, I must admit to have taken a dive down the rabbit hole of my imagination and visited it for myself. And, it is truly, amazingly fantastic. 

To Run With Perseverence

   I have set the two following sites to come up every time I bring up the internet: Bible Gateway, and Google. The second is my go-to site for everything from email to surfing. The first, however, is a sort of self-set push for myself. You see, Bible Gateway has a "Verse of the day", and I have taken to forcing myself to read the verse at least once before starting my internet for the day. Gets me real close to God, I know, but no matter how tired or in a rush I am, the verse comes first.
  Today's verse was Romans 12:1, a very popular (and frankly, overused, in my opinion) verse that got to me today. It goes like, "Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us." 
   This really got to me today. You see, my genetics aren't the greatest on my dad's side, and I seem to have many of his traits (for better or worse). One of which is not so great feet. Walking for me has be very painful for the past few days, and now has gotten me into physical therapy 3 or more times a week and racked up various bills totaling together in the hundreds for my parents.
  When I read this verse, I was a bit annoyed at God, as I sometimes get. Things like, "It's not fair that I can't walk" and "Why now? Heck, why ever?" and "What the heck do you expect out of me, God? You want me to hobble down the race of life with one foot?" crossed my mind.  And then, it struck me, how much I am spiritually limping down the race already. How we all are, in humanity. But it doesn't matter how we are physically, that is why this isn't a physical race. It is a spiritual one, and these genetics are part of the race marked out for me. Just like a physical race, it is going to be hard for me. What does it matter? This is what God wants for me, and I need to give it my all, even if that means not being physically up to par all the time with others.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Philadelphia Experiment

   Ever since I was little, I have been surrounded by science fiction and conspiracy theories. My dad is an honest man who has recently been bumping around from job to job due to health issues, but means well. He loves sci-if and abnormal stuff, is an abstract artist of at least decent skill, and loves to find the truth behind the matter (whatever that matter may be). I take a point to decide for myself what I think worthy of belief, but there is one story that has always fascinated me. It is known as the Philadelphia Experiment.
    There is some disagreement as to whether this actually occurred, and the stories that exist are diverse to say the least, but according to the accounts, the USS Eldridge (a Navy ship) went on one heck of a journey.
    You see, there is this Einstein theory that says something along the lines of if you can manage to move faster than light, you can travel anywhere and to any time. Yes, this is meaning a time machine with transportation capabilities, and it would be completely invisible to boot.
    Naturally, the Navy was interested, at the time being in the middle of WWII. So, as the story goes, the USS Eldridge traveled to Philadelphia PA, where it was given the equipment that would make such a time machine necessary. The ship, after a few small test rounds of trying their cloaking (and supposedly succeeding on some small scale), they then went for the big one.
    According to all reports, this is where things get interesting. The ship disappeared, completely, and in a matter of seconds appeared in Norfolk, Virginia, where it remained for a little while until it disappeared from there and returned to Philadelphia, and supposedly losing 10 seconds in the process.
   The ship was in perfect condition, but not, according to the story, was the crew. Many had been found fused with the bulkhead itself, and one even found himself with his hand in the bulkhead and himself a deck below where he was previously. Some were simply missing, others dead. A few were mutilated, and many were insane. Some stories claim the men were then brainwashed to prevent the story from getting out.
   The Navy denies everything, claiming no tests were made upon the vessel. Some equipment was apparently put upon it to make it invisible to mines. The site gave the official route of the ship, as well as a small label at the bottom saying there really is no official, legitimate proof that has been found to support the supposed "Project Rainbow".
   So what do you think? A true conspiracy, or merely a good urban/war myth kept alive by men still living in their mom's basement? Personally, I don't know what to make of it, but I would love to hear your opinion on this.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

    Heeey guys! wassup! I was just checking out my Google + account. not much, but every once in a while I come across something good that I wrote or forwarded a long time ago. I just came across Shakespeare's 130th sonnet, a real laugh. I even memorized it once. You can google it some time to see it, but the whole poem, from my perspective, is a woman's rant at the comparisons made upon her mistress's beauty. It starts saying that her eyes are nothing like the sun, that her lips are not red, her hair is closer to wire than the lustrous flowing mane she is no doubt complimented of, et cetera, and so forth. You probably will not find humor in it like I did, but the point that remains of false comparisons. Compliments like the ones mocked in the sonnet are good to a point, but afterwards can create pride at the receiving end and jealousy and hatred to those who do not receive such compliments. Try to find the good in everyone, and take a step out sometimes to compliment those other than your friends. Chances are, you can find something nice to say to everyone if you try.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Once and Future King...

    I have been a huge fan of the British t.v. show that ended recently, named Merlin. I fell in love with it, and even though I haven't seen the last 3 episodes yet, I committed a big no-no.... I watched a clip on Youtube of the biggest moment of the whole series.
    For those of you who are not familiar with the series, Merlin is loosely based upon the mythic stories of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. The series took quite a bit of liberty with it, but it was still incredibly good. So, Merlin, a wizard, is hiding his powers from King Arthur, his best friend, because of Camelot's laws forbidding magic in the kingdom. The punishment for having magic was death. And so, Merlin, the most powerful sorcerer ever born, gets the help of the great dragon to win a battle. The battle is just barely won, and Merlin crawls off the field joined only by a wounded Arthur.
    Then, the big scene, as Arthur is lying there bleeding, Merlin finally tells him of his talents. Arthur is at first angry with him, but then thanks him and acknowledges Merlin's previously unknown deeds that saved him and all of the land of Albion. Then, Arthur dies in Merlin's arms, leaving Merlin devastated but hopeful, now waiting for the "once and future king" to rise again.
     The last scene is what got to me, though. A big-rig truck suddenly rides by, and down a modern road, in a modern neighborhood. The camera pans, and you are looking out at an island with a castle. Then, what do you know, but a bedraggled old man walks by, with overgrown white hair and matching beard. He looks out at the castle, and then you see his face. Merlin, in our world today, still waiting for his best friend to come back in Albion's greatest time of need, over two millennia later.
    I thought to myself, how is the Church so different? Our hero, Christ, died in our name, and we are now waiting for Him to come back and rescue us, two millennia later. Are we worthy enough to call ourselves that dedicated, though? How long, if we had been alone and lost and had watched all your friends die with the passing of time, would we be willing to wait? I am not sure I would have hung on that long. But if I couldn't wait 2000 years, how long will I be willing to wait? For all we know, it will be another 2000 before He does return. Can I stand to wait that long?

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Exploring Scientology

   One thing that has been on the news of late, and for a while now, is the religion of Scientology. I had heard by some that it could be dangerous, and that it tended to split up marriages, breed lots of hate, and require large amounts of money to rise in the "ranks". I was curious though. So, when I came across the youtube video promoting it, I naturally took a look, just to see. What I found fairly threw me.
    Scientology is the use of various schools of thought in combination to form a religion, or something thereof. Mostly, the idea as promoted there, was to use scientific methodology, along with several eastern religious aspects, and use them to find the meaning or basis of life. Started by the very intelligent L. Ron Hubbard, it seems to encourage making science spiritual on some level, and worshiping it as the solution to life's biggest questions on another.
     The video I watched put some pleasant music in the background and some pretty pictures to match their narrator, but all of this just disguised what I consider to be a very dangerous way of thinking. It subtly claimed that this was the collection of all intelligent men of the past, and therefore was the thought of the future too. It also claimed that, through Scientology, man can become bigger than science itself.The video shunts to a book, saying this makes it all attainable as never before in history.The video literally claimed that this religion will bring full understanding of the universe, the body, and life itself, and the relations among them.
    If there is one thing, however, that science and the scientific method have taught humanity throughout our use of them, it is that they cannot provide those answers. To try to push eastern, especially more Asian, thought with science in this notion simply will not work. that is why we have had religion and science separate throughout the ages, because when the mix, one ends up overpowering the other.
    An example of this is the Roman Catholic Church. No, I don't mean now, I mean like long before the Reformation, when the Church was the government basically. At that point, if a scientific discovery was made that contradicted the Church's views, or that the Church leaders didn't like, the discoverer of said discovery could and often would be burned at the stake as a heretic. I am not saying that Scientology will be pulling out the matches any time soon, but this is basically destined to end badly...
    Can we really understand everything? I think that this privilege is reserved for God alone. Would life really be the same if we suddenly had complete understanding, anyway? What would be the point of life if we understood it?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


   Well, this whole blogging thing is new to me, so if anyone reads this, don't hate! XD If you read my bio you know that my name is Missy, I am Christian, and am looking forward to a career in science someday (hopefully!). I have discovered as I go through life that fact seems to be skewed by some, and I promise that I will do my best to find the real truth. I may get opinionated at times, but there will be times when I will do some very righteous digging and try to be as good a "reporter" as possible. I hope you enjoy what you see! My email address is if you want to get ahold of me or complain if I fail to get it right. Trust me, I appreciate feedback!