Sunday, June 30, 2013

    Heeey guys! wassup! I was just checking out my Google + account. not much, but every once in a while I come across something good that I wrote or forwarded a long time ago. I just came across Shakespeare's 130th sonnet, a real laugh. I even memorized it once. You can google it some time to see it, but the whole poem, from my perspective, is a woman's rant at the comparisons made upon her mistress's beauty. It starts saying that her eyes are nothing like the sun, that her lips are not red, her hair is closer to wire than the lustrous flowing mane she is no doubt complimented of, et cetera, and so forth. You probably will not find humor in it like I did, but the point that remains of false comparisons. Compliments like the ones mocked in the sonnet are good to a point, but afterwards can create pride at the receiving end and jealousy and hatred to those who do not receive such compliments. Try to find the good in everyone, and take a step out sometimes to compliment those other than your friends. Chances are, you can find something nice to say to everyone if you try.