Monday, July 29, 2013

Love: a tribute

She found me at my darkest hour
   Torn by the world around me, I was lost. My tears fell daily and were no more noticed than as an annoyance. All others had either forgotten me or moved on, except for two exceptional girls. One will be given her due credit on another date, but to the other, this is for her. She came from so far away, and such a move could only have been directed by God. I was broken, torn, abused, and lost with only a meager light to guide me, until I met her. I already said that she found me, which really describes it best. I was so far gone and shunned by all with self respect, but she reached out anyway. She saw my pain, my tears, and showed me what I needed most. Love, the pure love of God.
  She gave me smiles when I was down
  She gave me hope when the world was darkest
  She held me when I cried
  She never asked why I hurt, which was better than any well-meaning but misplaced condolences
  She showed me the joy in the outcasts and the beautifully different ones
  She showed me the beauty in being unique
  She showed me the love that brokenness can create
  She showed me the power of the imagination
  She challenged me to think deeper
  She understood my needs
   And she gave me the greatest gift any human can give to another, a view at God. I once heard a man say, "Do I love my wife more than I love Jesus? Honestly, I'm not sure, because so often I see Jesus through my wife." She showed me love so great, love for everyone (even those who tried to hurt her), for everything and anything created by our Lord. I still don't truly understand how such love could ever exist in a human, but it was there. I can say she paid more attention to me, but I don't think she loved me more than any other, her love for all was so great.
   She may be imperfect, forgetful, not always the wisest decision-maker, in pain, and basically just a human, but none of it mattered in the glaringly beautiful light of her love.
  To one of the best friends I have ever had, never stop loving. The world will be a far darker place if you do. I hope that you can bless someone else half as much as you did me, because the world does need you, even if it means one person at a time. Perhaps she does not agree with this description but, God bless you, my friend.
   God bless you, Taylor Neas.

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