Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Once and Future King...

    I have been a huge fan of the British t.v. show that ended recently, named Merlin. I fell in love with it, and even though I haven't seen the last 3 episodes yet, I committed a big no-no.... I watched a clip on Youtube of the biggest moment of the whole series.
    For those of you who are not familiar with the series, Merlin is loosely based upon the mythic stories of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. The series took quite a bit of liberty with it, but it was still incredibly good. So, Merlin, a wizard, is hiding his powers from King Arthur, his best friend, because of Camelot's laws forbidding magic in the kingdom. The punishment for having magic was death. And so, Merlin, the most powerful sorcerer ever born, gets the help of the great dragon to win a battle. The battle is just barely won, and Merlin crawls off the field joined only by a wounded Arthur.
    Then, the big scene, as Arthur is lying there bleeding, Merlin finally tells him of his talents. Arthur is at first angry with him, but then thanks him and acknowledges Merlin's previously unknown deeds that saved him and all of the land of Albion. Then, Arthur dies in Merlin's arms, leaving Merlin devastated but hopeful, now waiting for the "once and future king" to rise again.
     The last scene is what got to me, though. A big-rig truck suddenly rides by, and down a modern road, in a modern neighborhood. The camera pans, and you are looking out at an island with a castle. Then, what do you know, but a bedraggled old man walks by, with overgrown white hair and matching beard. He looks out at the castle, and then you see his face. Merlin, in our world today, still waiting for his best friend to come back in Albion's greatest time of need, over two millennia later.
    I thought to myself, how is the Church so different? Our hero, Christ, died in our name, and we are now waiting for Him to come back and rescue us, two millennia later. Are we worthy enough to call ourselves that dedicated, though? How long, if we had been alone and lost and had watched all your friends die with the passing of time, would we be willing to wait? I am not sure I would have hung on that long. But if I couldn't wait 2000 years, how long will I be willing to wait? For all we know, it will be another 2000 before He does return. Can I stand to wait that long?

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