Saturday, May 18, 2013

Exploring Scientology

   One thing that has been on the news of late, and for a while now, is the religion of Scientology. I had heard by some that it could be dangerous, and that it tended to split up marriages, breed lots of hate, and require large amounts of money to rise in the "ranks". I was curious though. So, when I came across the youtube video promoting it, I naturally took a look, just to see. What I found fairly threw me.
    Scientology is the use of various schools of thought in combination to form a religion, or something thereof. Mostly, the idea as promoted there, was to use scientific methodology, along with several eastern religious aspects, and use them to find the meaning or basis of life. Started by the very intelligent L. Ron Hubbard, it seems to encourage making science spiritual on some level, and worshiping it as the solution to life's biggest questions on another.
     The video I watched put some pleasant music in the background and some pretty pictures to match their narrator, but all of this just disguised what I consider to be a very dangerous way of thinking. It subtly claimed that this was the collection of all intelligent men of the past, and therefore was the thought of the future too. It also claimed that, through Scientology, man can become bigger than science itself.The video shunts to a book, saying this makes it all attainable as never before in history.The video literally claimed that this religion will bring full understanding of the universe, the body, and life itself, and the relations among them.
    If there is one thing, however, that science and the scientific method have taught humanity throughout our use of them, it is that they cannot provide those answers. To try to push eastern, especially more Asian, thought with science in this notion simply will not work. that is why we have had religion and science separate throughout the ages, because when the mix, one ends up overpowering the other.
    An example of this is the Roman Catholic Church. No, I don't mean now, I mean like long before the Reformation, when the Church was the government basically. At that point, if a scientific discovery was made that contradicted the Church's views, or that the Church leaders didn't like, the discoverer of said discovery could and often would be burned at the stake as a heretic. I am not saying that Scientology will be pulling out the matches any time soon, but this is basically destined to end badly...
    Can we really understand everything? I think that this privilege is reserved for God alone. Would life really be the same if we suddenly had complete understanding, anyway? What would be the point of life if we understood it?

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