Saturday, July 27, 2013

Down the Rabbit Hole

   As my close friends know, I am obsessed with books. They are an escape from life and a fantastic portal to amazing places and people. One book I have only recently read, is Lewis Carroll (I think I spelled that right...) Alice In Wonderland. And yet, I had read modern novels extending the classic story, listened to music inspired by it, and have seen many such similar movies and t.v. series long before I ever touched the book. So why do I find it so, I suppose the best term would be, magnetic, and why have I for so long? The story of a young girl chasing a well-dressed rabbit who just happens to speak English down a gigantic hole into a fantastic world of opposites, nonsense, and fantastics, when summarized, sounds rather plain, but it is exciting nonetheless. Why? I have never seen the movie rendition (deemed to psychedelic for a child by my mother), and have read hundreds of stories of ordinary (and sometimes extraordinary) children passing through fantastical gateways to strange and backward worlds. Why is Wonderland so different?  This is one question that I cannot find an answer to. Perhaps it is its very nature, so different from our own world, that fascinates me. However, I must admit to have taken a dive down the rabbit hole of my imagination and visited it for myself. And, it is truly, amazingly fantastic. 

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